We have retards in charge of education

There were fewer applicants for private school vouchers in D.C. than there were actual vouchers. Could it be, because, I don't know, the "up to $7,500" provided by the vouchers won't cover tuition at a lot of private schools, and these poorer families can't afford to make up the difference?

Also note that, while tuitions have generally gone up since I listed them last year, the value of the vouchers has not.

Meanwhile, the $13 million in U.S. funds that was supposed to go to D.C. public schools to complement the voucher funding was withheld by Congress because the school system failed to come up with a spending plan, and the interim schools superintendent accused the mayor of sabotaging the funding in order to help take over the schools himself.

What the hell is going on here? These people should all be locked up for blatant idiocy.

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