Ronald Reagan's untimely death shocks a nation

You know, I was glad that Ronald Reagan died on a Saturday, because I thought I would have to hear about it for the whole week. Dear God, how wrong I was. It's still being treated as the top story. BULLETIN! Reagan on Final Journey to Washington! Front page news! Wooooo! Nothing else is going on in the world more important that us moving a dead body across the country!

At any rate, plenty of Washington roads will be affected tonight during rush hour as they transport the former president's corpse to the Capitol building and do a funeral procession or something, so that people can grieve or whatever. (I don't really understand this worshipping of dead bodies that we tend to do, and driving the coffin around as if it contained nuclear waste, but there you go.)

And expect more delays Friday during the actual funeral. Maybe then we can put this story to bed? Not that I'm not looking forward to the Reagan Rememberance Channel coming to my cable lineup.

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