More stuff about Washington Times corrections, D.C. police stupidity

I missed this before: the Washington City Paper's Eric Wemple offered to track corrections for the Times in his own column, since the Times seems unable to do so. And then Fran Coombs, Times Managing Editor, said in an internal memo that the City Paper was right, despite being akin to low-grade toilet paper. Ouch.

Meanwhile, this comment by Suzie on the 911 entry is priceless and should be preserved forever:

So this weekend my friends [...] see a guy trying to break into their neighbor's house next door. In the utter brilliance of DC cops, the cops arrive and find the guy; then immediately bring him over to their house for my friends to ID him. Then the guy sits looking really pissed off in the back seat of the cop car, staring at my friends, memorizing their faces and of course, knowing where they live.
People, for your own safety, do not move to D.C. if you think you might ever need the police, fire department, an ambulance, etc. You're putting your own life at risk.

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