Hooray, I no longer live in China

One of my favorite posts ever was about Rep. Ernest J. Istook Jr. (R-Fuckwad) and his attempt to withhold funding from Washington's chronically underfunded Metro system, because it had the gall to accept money to run this ad critical of U.S. drug policy:

Fortunately, U.S. District Judge Paul L. Friedman, who will now probably be referred to in conservative circles as an "activist" judge, struck down the fuck-tarded law.

Ah, but the stupidity continues:

"I'm confident that ultimately the courts will agree with the long-standing principle that Congress is free to decide what we will or will not fund," Istook said. "We provide major funding to combat drug use, and tax dollars should not be used to subsidize contrary messages."
Rep. Istook, allow me to address you directly for a moment.

You are a COMPLETE DIPSHIT. The ad in question WAS PAID FOR BY THE PEOPLE WHO CREATED IT. Government funds subsidized NONE OF IT. What you tried to do was use Congress' power to blackmail a financially starving public transportation system into suppressing free speech. Everybody can now see that you are an inbred jackass.

And yes, that goes for Micah too! The two of you, please keep your filthy, cum-encrusted hands away from the Bill of Rights!

(Why "cum-encrusted," you may ask? I don't know, I just felt like using that phrase.)

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