Race for the True Parents

I went down to Clarendon on Saturday morning for some brunch, and noticed the cool Clarendon Cup bicycle race they hold down there. But was disappointed to see that a major sponsor was none other than the newspaper owned by one Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the Washington Times.

This is how you know Washington's unique. How many other major cities would hold events that tolerate sponsorships from a paper like the Times, which claims editorial independence from Moon's Unification Church but actually serves as a mouthpiece for it? How many other cities would tolerate accepting money from a fanatical cult leader?

Ah, but that's the beauty of Washington. No matter how many times you call for the elimination of homosexuals, no matter how anti-Semitic you are, no matter that you've declared yourself the MOTHERFUCKING MESSIAH. Seemingly any organization here will be happy to take your money, as long as it's green. And never a hint of protest from the locals over the further legitimization of this maniac.

Absolutely frightening. I must get out.

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