Lead pipe cinch

Oh, you thought perhaps that replacing the leaden pipes of D.C. was going to be handled in a professional and efficient manner?

Longstaff figured that someone representing the D.C. Water and Sewer Authority would be back to finish the job outside his home in the 100 block of 13th Street SE. Instead, a public works inspector who noticed the bricks issued him a $35 fine for "failure to maintain abutting public space in a clean condition."
That's absolutely ingenious. Bravo, D.C., for finding a way to make money out of your own inability to complete a job.

Propers: Oculus.

Random aside: Michael Marcotte, the WASA chief who recently resigned, was an acquaintance of mine, although I haven't talked with him since the story broke. I guess you know you've lived here a while when people you've met start to get swept up in government scandals.

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