Radio Free D.C. (that is, free of radio)

The Post ran an article last week about the lack of college radio stations in Washington, something I've lamented a few times in this lovely forum of vitriol.

It's an interesting history. We've got several good schools here, but they've all either sold off their stations or converted them into commercial operations that are free from the influence of those pesky "students." American University and Howard University's stations are now strictly professional. Georgetown sold its station to UDC for $1 after the Jesuits became upset at students expressing some overly progressive views on the air (heaven forbid, at a college). UDC, in turn, sold it to C-Span for $13 million. (Profit!)

The University of Maryland is the only school in the area that still has a student-run station, but it's so weak I can't pick up the signal in Arlington. And judging solely by their sports fans, I wouldn't want to.

Bottom line: my presets are going to waste, and that 40-minute drive to Reston isn't getting any easier.

If I move to Seattle, God willing, KEXP will be my first preset. That's my promise to you, car stereo.

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