The day everything made sense... in the Twlight Zone

Wow, what a strange day already. I keep turning around and expecting to see Rod Serling standing there. Three articles in the Post this morning worth noting.

1) They picked up the Moon-crowns-himself-the-Messiah story, on Page A1 no less (even though it happened in March). John Gorenfeld, you're finally, finally, going to Disney World.

2) Legislation was introduced to give D.C. a vote in the House. It's the old Utah-gets-a-seat-too compromise, but with the twist that D.C. would get an extra seat all its own, without being lumped in with Maryland. Could 200 years of stupidity finally be reversed? And here's a bit of history I didn't know:

Congress narrowly approved a constitutional amendment giving the District one House vote and two Senate votes in 1978. But only a fraction of the 38 states required agreed to ratify the plan for a majority-black, Democratic city, splintering along rural, racial and partisan lines.
3) "Senate panel recognizes D.C. Structural Deficit." My God... could they actually be considering giving the District adequate money to operate?

So, three incredible stories. There's only one plausible explanation... everyone's been reading my blog! Sing along with me! Heal the worlllllllllld, make it a better place... no?

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