Times still inexplicably not burned down by angry mob

John Gorenfeld has some amazing stuff about the Moon coronation ceremony, including a hilarious transcript of the video. One Congressman, Rep. Curt Weldon, attended, but his secretary kept lying to John, saying Weldon hadn't attended. Sadly for all of us, the photos don't lie, even if the Congressmen do.

Meanwhile, nobody paid any attention to the debunking of the Times' "WWII Memorial FDR 'God' quote" story. And the Times never ran a correction on its awesome corrections page. Which means I'll have to listen to more crap about how atheist liberals are taking over the country and removing God from everything no matter the cost and blah blah blah etc., using this inaccurate bullshit as evidence.

But hey, what's the difference? The Times has a message to sell -- a scary, disturbing message -- and if its facts happen to be wrong, it doesn't really fucking matter, does it? Nobody seems to care enough to say anything, at any rate.

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