38B! So what... is that all that you've got?

I went to Georgetown last night! I was even a good citizen and took the bus like DCist wanted me to. It turns out that 38B, the bus that goes from Ballston to Farragut Square through Georgetown, passes somewhat near my place.

We got there no problem. Ate some Pizzeria Paradiso. Shopped for some books. Tried to ignore all the awful Georgetown trust-fund babies, whose mere presence makes me want to claw off my face. Then, at 9:15, we were ready to go home. Oh, too bad... the next bus doesn't come until 10:04.

OK, it's obvious I was spoiled by London. We stayed there a couple weeks last summer, in Shepherd's Bush, an area situated just west of the main city center (not unlike Arlington). We would always tube or bus to get around. The bus into the West End would come at least every five minutes. We just missed one once, and said, "Should we wait for the next one?" By the time we hit the question mark in that sentence, the next bus was already in sight. Plus, they're all double deckers, which is clearly awesome.

So here, on a Friday night, when there are actually people hanging around in Georgetown, the bus back to Arlington apparently runs only once per hour. OK, I realize that, for my wife's heinous crime of picking an apartment in Arlington before we moved here, we're not welcome over the D.C. border, all of 1.5 miles away. Especially in Georgetown... I'm surprised they haven't blown up the Key Bridge yet, just to keep me out. I feel lucky if they let me in half of those stores. "Sorry, sir... we don't let your kind in here."

But really... once per hour on a busy Friday night? That's not gonna cut it. I guess it's proof that Metro is intended mostly for workday commutes, not recreational use. And yeah, there's not a whole lot going on here on the weekends anyway. But maybe that's a self-fulfilling prophecy... if we provided an easier way to get around, maybe people would get out and do more stuff. I'll shut up now, since I actually know nothing about transportation policy... but I'm just sayin'. It could be a lot better.

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