College Park got hit pretty bad this time

OK, just kidding, that photo's actually from Beirut. Here's what it really looked like. But still, I'll bet you did a double take for a second there, right?

Listen, people. You know I love sports. I obviously love college hoops. I enjoy screaming my fool head off at a game. And this was a great game, and a big win for Maryland, etc. etc. But it's not an excuse to go wreck the town. And it's also not an excuse to bitch because the cops are trying to stop you from wrecking the town.

But several students interviewed yesterday said the police overreacted to what they called good-natured fun. They described a scene in which students ran around cheering, knocking down newspaper boxes, setting garbage cans and couches on fire but not harming anyone or throwing bricks into stores, as they had done in the past.
OK, running around cheering is good. But blocking off US-1 and knocking down newspaper boxes? Setting shit on fire? Congratulations... enjoy your complimentary membership to Future Wife Beaters of America.

Oh, but really, pat yourselves on the back for not throwing bricks into stores. Don't know how you guys managed that kind of restraint.

County firefighters put out at least five fires related to the celebration, two bonfires on Route 1 and three dumpster fires near Wawa and Kinko’s, Bowers said.

Celebrators broke two street signs and threw metal newspaper holders into the street before lines of mounted officers and police with pepper balls, pepper spray, shields and clubs crept toward the crowd.

As two helicopters hovered overhead shining bright search lights on the crowd, police shot pepper spray and pepper balls to push the crowd off Route 1.

Wheezing, coughing and sneezing, students retreated as pepper balls whizzed over their heads, smacking cars and store windows along the road.
OK, well, this basically sounds like a fucking war zone. And of course there are the quotes you would expect in the story which describe the scene as a "positive celebration" and "part of the Maryland experience." OK, you guys have fun with that.

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