Terrence Brown has the Worst Day Ever

Oh man, did you guys read about this Club U stabbing? I didn't realize until today exactly how fucked up the whole situation was.

According to witnesses, this guy, Terrence Brown, was partying in the crowded club. He apparently bumps into another guy. The guy he bumps into obviously has no recourse but to stab Brown. Brown is supposedly wounded enough to be bleeding all over the walls. The club bouncers spring into action! ... They throw out the now-bleeding Brown. In fact, just for good measure, they dump him in the lobby.

Then, the best part... the paramedics show up to attend to the bleeding guy. They get shot at.

Ahhh, now that's the D.C. I know and hate. This story has all the unprovoked ultraviolence you could possibly ask for. That's what I'm talkin' about. Enough of this "can't even scrape together 20 homicides by the end of February" nonsense. Time to get back on track.

(Seriously... who shoots at the paramedics? "Oh wow, those guys are probably here to help that wounded guy. I should pop a cap in 'em." Only here.)

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