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I hate this stupid place. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

What is it this time, you ask? Well, you know that toll increase they're proposing along the Dulles Toll Road? The one that would help pay for a Metro line to run all along where the toll road runs now, out to Dulles Airport? The one that should have been built decades, if not centuries ago?

Yeah, as you might expect, the exurbanites are dead set again' it. You can read all about it at the website www.notollincrease.com, which as the URL implies, features reasons why not to elect Ollin Crease.

How dare they make us pay for an infrastructure improvement along the very corridor we drive every day? they say. How dare they make us pay to alleviate traffic and pollution and encourage people to get out of their cars?

What's the amount of the toll increase that has them up in arms, you ask?


That's it. A fucking quarter.

Unbelievable. The main opposition is coming from people who have no problem springing for the DVD player option in their Hummers, before driving home to their McMansions which have appreciated in value by like 800% in the last five minutes, and yet they're complaining about a lousy quarter. THESE PEOPLE CRAP QUARTERS!

Mind you, nobody bats an eyelash... not a fucking eyelash... when Bush propses $80 billion in off-budget spending on Iraq. Because they don't have to pay for that. Not right now, at least. But make them spend an extra quarter per tollbooth on building a Metro line that will directly help our community, and they throw tantrums like spoiled children.

God, I just want to give these people Shaken Baby Syndrome so badly. Wait... I figured it out... I'm living the Lord of the Flies! Sucks to your ass-mar!

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