It's a competition to see who likes freedom more

There are two new high schools in exurban Northern Virginia.

First, we have Freedom High School in Woodbridge.

Second, we have... Freedom High School. Again. This time in Loudon County.

Yes, in the desperate post-9/11 race to name everything after something generically patriotic, we have a tie. Thumbs up for freedom; thumbs down for originality, which, in Washington, as we know, must be squashed like a bug.

Ahh, but that's not even the best part. The best part is that both schools are going to take the same mascot name: "Eagles."

That's right... neither new school could be bothered to come up with a more original mascot than Eagles, America's national bird, and the most common team name choice in the country. So somewhere down the road, the state championship could be a matchup between the Freedom Eagles and the Freedom Eagles.

I love this place.

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