Be careful in D.C., part II

I'm back. Thanks to my brother for this link. Happy birthday, yo.

The chance of surviving a dire medical emergency in the USA is a matter of geography. If you collapse from cardiac arrest in Seattle, a 911 call likely will bring instant advice and fast-moving firefighters and paramedics.
Collapse in Washington, D.C., and -- as one EMS official suggests -- someone better call a cab for you. Seattle saves 45% of saveable victims...Washington, D.C., has no idea how many [saveable victims] it saves. The city estimates it saves 4% of cardiac arrests, but inconsistent record-keeping makes it impossible for Washington to account accurately for its most saveable victims.
It goes on to say that rivalries and infighting between firefighters and paramedics in Washington cause increased delays, which obviously costs lives. Absolutely terrifying.

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