Burn, baby, burn... District inferno

Ahh, the good people of Washington. Always treating each other with respect and kindness. For example, this summer, many have given the gift of arson... or, failing that, arson... or, if that doesn't work... well, still arson.

Meanwhile, two-thirds of bridges in the District are deficient (i.e. need repairs or don't meet safety standards), according to the Federal Highway Administration. It probably doesn't help when trucks that are too tall to drive through a tunnel respond by... driving through the tunnel anyway, and not stopping despite the fact that debris from the impact injured two people in the car behind them.

Oh, and an abandoned newborn infant was found by a worker near a construction site.

All this may have you asking, in the voice of the late Barry White... where's the love? Oh, there's plenty of love to go around, baby. The D.C. police chief got his $25,000 raise, despite his department's severe investigative shortcomings. And, all is forgiven between Chief Moose and the Montgomery County Ethics Commission. Because nothing absolves you of an ethical lapse quite like paying $4,250 to the county that's investigating you.

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