Hatred news roundup

D.C. accidentally/on purpose paid twice to renovate One Judiciary Square; over $1 million has been paid out, and the work is still incomplete.

The District's Sports and Entertainment Commission has been paying a consultant $10,000 a month plus expenses for information and recommendations to promote bringing baseball to Washington. Hiring such consultants is not unusual, but they are usually paid by the ownership group rather than via public funds. So far D.C. has paid him over $200,000.

In a completely unrelated story, D.C. public schools will lay off 422 employees. The school system's first accurate audit in years revealed it had hired 639 more employees than allowed under its budget, which helped to create a $40.4 million deficit. The school system has already cancelled orders of supplies and textbooks, and delayed salary increases.

And, finally, apparently You Haven't Lived Here if You Haven't... visited this scary, giant statue of Teddy Roosevelt. Does the fun ever start?

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