DIE like an eagle

Let's flashback to something I wrote last Wednesday:

The National Zoo's gotten ahold of a pair of beautiful bald eagles. Considering the zoo's recent track record -- two red pandas died after ingesting rat poison, and a lion died from complications of anesthesia -- lets just say that if these birds weren't endangered before, they sure are now.
Flash forward to the present!

The National Zoo has lost another animal, this time a bald eagle that was attacked by an unidentified animal last week and died on Independence Day.

The eagle, whose breed is the official symbol of the United States, lived alone in an enclosure near the Bird House and was able to fly, said zoo officials who revealed the death yesterday.
So at least this is not one of the eagles they brought in just two weeks ago, since they can't fly.

But still... how ironic that the National Zoo would allow our national emblem, still classified as a threatened species, to be attacked by some non-zoo animal from outside the Bird House, and have it die on July 4th. And I guess by "ironic" I mean in the Alanis Morissette sense (i.e. it just sucks).

Worst... zoo... ever. I swear, the National Zoo... you would think it would be the best zoo ever, but apparently the only thing it's best at is killing its animals. It's like a comedy of errors over there; it's the Hazard County Police Department of zoos, if you will.

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