Somebody should have called "shotgun" just to see how they would react

Funny post by Toby:
Don't sit on a high-risk Metrobus with a fucking survival kit on your lap. If we get bombed, the first thing I'm going to do is punch you in the face and steal your Slim Jims.
My wife has some funny stories about tourists riding Metrorail. One day, a guy obviously from out of town was waving his big wad of cash around, in full view for everyone to see.

"What am I doing carrying all this cash?" he asked, waving it around. "I've got to be crazy carrying THIS MUCH CASH into the city!"

I'd almost expect someone to mug him just on principle.

Living in Washington is kind of like living in the parking lot of Disneyland. I mean besides having the obvious qualities of being flat, filled with hot pavement, and completely without personality. You've got all these tourists driving their tour buses in, clogging up your neighborhood on their way to the attractions ("OK, everybody remember we parked in Van Buren"). Then we all get to endure their endless picture taking (even on the Metro!? Why!?), whiny children (this is not a good place to take kids in the summer), and general stupidity and standing in the way.


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