Not what I was hoping for

Fairfax County officials sadly took the high road yesterday by adopting a resolution opposing the proposed D.C. commuter tax, and calling for an apology from D.C. councildude Jack Evans, who (accurately) called Virginians "narrow-minded" and "backward".

Fairfax County stopped short of calling for a steel cage match with Evans on the National Mall in front of a pay-per-view audience, which is what I wanted.

Prince William County Board Chairman Sean T. Connaughton, a lawyer who commutes to the District, has proposed a "Kcaj Snave Day" in honor of Mr. Evans, during which "enthusiastic taxpaying Virginian commuters" could walk backward into the District.
I guarantee you this guy thinks he's reeeeeeeal clever. He's probably one of those people who insists on playing "Scattergories" at parties and then gets wayyyyy too into it. Jackass.

And who are these "enthusiastic taxpaying Virginian commuters?" Are they enthusiastic about the taxpaying, or the commuting? Are they going to stop their SUVs when they get to the foot of the Teddy bridge, get out, and walk backwards into D.C.? (And then, perhaps, get carjacked?)

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