Wednesday news roundup

So while I try to figure out what I wrote about vouchers, what other stupid stuff has been happening here? Let's find out.

Prince George's County (Md.) police having even more civil rights issues; they may have told a witness to lie in court.

The number of arson fires in D.C. and PG County is up to 20 as of this morning, including one death.

The National Zoo's gotten ahold of a pair of beautiful bald eagles. Considering the zoo's recent track record -- two red pandas died after ingesting rat poison, and a lion died from complications of anesthesia -- lets just say that if these birds weren't endangered before, they sure are now.

In a story that had local TV news directors salivating, 24 people were stranded on the "Two-Face" roller coaster at Six Flags in Largo. Fortunately for them, Harvey Dent's coin came up "good heads", and they made it down safely.

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