District Auto Thieves Downsize

If you park your car in D.C. and come back to find it missing, it might just have been stolen by... a 12-year-old?!

One 12-year-old boy talked about his hobby recently while playing in a puddle, squishing the grass with his feet to make muddy bubbles and giggling with his friends.

"We steal them from anywhere. Wherever we see a good one. We do it with screwdrivers," he said.


The boy said he and his friends joy ride for fun and because they're bored. "There ain't nothing else to do out here," he said, expanding his lanky arms to encompass the barren strip of street where he and his friends usually parade their stolen cars.
Apparently two out of every three cars stolen in the District are stolen by juveniles, who primarily use them to joyride and drag race. (So far this year the rate of stolen cars in the District stands at about 700 per month.)

Aaaaand, I'm officially living in a Twilight Zone episode. That's a real good thing you did, stealing that car, Anthony. A real good thing.

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