Be careful in D.C.

When you're in D.C., make sure you don't get mugged:

Kid beats elderly man, police let kid go
FOX5 reported that Columbia Heights is up in arms after two teenagers robbed and beat an elderly man at 14th and Harvard, NW, were caught by local security guards, positively ID'd by a witness, taken away by a police car, and then immediately released by the police a block from the scene. The attacker reportedly then returned to the scene of the crime to stare down the security guard who detained him and the woman who had positively ID'd him. The police say they are investigating what happened, but implied to FOX5 that they didn't have the right to arrest the kid.
Also, when you're in D.C., make sure you don't get sick:

A copy of the memo said that each year hospital inspectors typically investigate one to four incidents at each District hospital involving breakdowns in patient care. Greater Southeast had six incidents in 2001 and eight in 2002, the memo said, and it has had eight so far this year. The six deaths inspectors questioned included two involving infants, two that were the result of blood transfusion errors and one involving a man found dead on a gurney in the emergency room July 3 seven hours after arriving there.

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