I am so bumming

Oh man... Slate ran an article about the D.C. Metro Blog Map. The guy links to D.C. Blows, which hasn't been updated since March, and doesn't mention me.

That's just going to ruin my whole day. Ugghhh. My motivation is totally sapped now. It's going to be hard to find the hate today.

OK... inner strength, inner strength.

Here's a story about how 20 percent of the 12,000 kids who were registered for D.C. summer school didn't show up. Superintendant Chalmers... er, Vance... was pissed off:

At a news conference at Miner Elementary School in Northeast Washington, Vance urged parents who pre-registered their children to take them to school.

"Please bring your youngsters," he said.


"No doubt we will have to put some emergency measures into effect and call parents to ask, 'Where is your child?' And people aren't hired to be on the telephone calling parents about where their children are."
I guess that's... um... pretty stupid. Yeah. Stupid D.C. parents.

Ah, fuck, I've got nothing today. I know, I know, it happens to lots of guys. Go read some other blogs that are actually intelligent and don't rely so much on profanity. Come back tomorrow maybe.

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