No really, you're a great mayor

The D.C. Council did the right thing yesterday by voting to suspend the city's credit card program, which city employees have abused to circumvented limits, charged inappropriate expenses to the cards, and run up interest charges.

But... the mayor's not going to sign the legislation, and since the council just adjourned, it probably won't be enforced for the rest of the fiscal year.

According to the article: "The government likes the credit card program because it has saved the city an estimated $2 million in paperwork for tens of thousands of smaller transactions, officials say." Two million dollars worth of paperwork?! How did they come up with that figure, anyway? And, if the paperwork keeps people from abusing the government's resources, maybe it should be reinstated anyway. It's not saving you $2 million if your employees then cheat you out of $1 million.

"We got the wake-up call, but we don't need the complete annihilation of the program," said Williams's spokesman, Tony Bullock. "These problems are isolated. The case has not been made that there has been widespread abuse."
Riiiiiight. Is anybody in D.C. government held accountable for their actions, ever? Widespread fraud and corruption will continue until someone takes a stand against it.

But hey, the mayor thinks he's "done a great job of bringing a great caliber of people to District government." Replace "people" with "thieves" and I'll agree with you, Tony baby.

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