News roundup

Since I've been gone:

The District's program to nurture juvenile delinquents in foster homes and treatment centers is predictably broken.

The D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission is a worthless money pit, but we knew that.

Auto theft in D.C. reached a six-year high last year.

Tuition at the University of Maryland will jump 21 percent. The kids will have to find some other college with a neighborhood in easy trashing/looting distance.

Meanwhile, in my home commonwealth of Virginia, they're erecting billboards in an attempt to deter statutory rape.

The billboards carry the message "Isn't she a little young?" in large letters, with the words "Sex with a minor. Don't go there," in smaller letters below.


Rebecca K. Odor, director of sexual violence prevention at the state Department of Health, said focus groups helped shape the message so that it would resonate with men between 18 and 29 years old.

"We want to change the norm so that it's not OK," Miss Odor said. "Right now what we are finding in our focus-group testing is that some guys think it's OK to have sex with younger girls."
Wow. Write your own joke there.

By the way, I hope you all know the first two rules of Camp Fight Club: don't talk about Camp Fight Club. Utterly hilarious.

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