Why can't I live there?

Wow, I love Chicago. I saw two Cubs games at Wrigley, which is a fantastic experience. I stayed in the neighborhood, which is everything you would want an urban neighborhood to be (cool shops, great atmosphere, friendly people, lots of partying). I saw a hilarious show by Second City, the comedy troupe that's supplied half the casts of Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show. I ate at an Italian restuarant and a brunch place, both of which served creative, excellent dishes.

The brunch place served fruit "sushi", made from various melons and berries rolled in coconut and made to look like rolled maki.

For Christ's sake. Fruit sushi! That's so awesome! I asked them how they came up with that idea. The waitress laughed, and said, "Drugs, probably."

And now... I'm back in Washington. No baseball. No cool neighborhoods. Completely humorless. And nobody, anywhere, who serves fruit sushi.

But I will escape. Mark my words. One day, I will be free of D.C.

One... day.

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