What a finale

Here's a post from the Washington Post discussion board in which one person describes his 4th of July experience from a few years ago. It's almost poetic:

L'Enfant Metro Station, just after the last fireworks are over. I remember gasping at the rediculous amount of people being stuffed into that little place, and deciding to walk all the way to the pentagon stop. ha. Walking all theway there, through the ghetto, climbing fences and walking around the pentagon the long way (this was before 9.11, before you would be shot on sight for doing what we did). And the crazy drunk Mexican who followed us there, telling us his sad story about all his children he has to feed, who cut his hands on the top of the Pentagon fence, then got the blood all over my friend's shirt.

But that was still better than fighting through L'Enfant...
I hope your 4th was better than that guy's.

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