Kill your radio

My new favorite bookmark is DCRTV, a website devoted to printing news and rumors about the radio and television industry around Washington and Baltimore. It's fun to read about feuds and infighting, as well as get a glimpse at how deregulation has helped to homogenize the airwaves and increase industry unemployment.

I'm playing my CD collection in the car a lot more these days, as I'm sure are a lot of other people. However, I did listen to the local sports talk station (WTEM 980-AM) last night from about 6:30 to 6:40. That was all I could take; during that entire time, the hosts discussed whether or not a woman should return the engagement ring after the engagement is broken off. They took calls on the subject for 10 minutes. On a sports talk radio program. I realize it's hard to find sporty things to talk about in July, especially in a city without baseball, but come on. I'd almost rather listen to the incoherent ramblings of the mentally impared John Thompson than that Miss Manners nonsense.

I said almost.

Thanks again, Clear Channel, for bringing me such high quality programming.